Meet Mr. Manspile

Mr. Manspile is the physical education, drivers education, and outdoor education instructor. He decided to pursue a career in education because from elementary school through high school he tutored his peers, causing it to become one of his passions. Mr. Manspile believes this is the reason he has a stern but fair attitude towards teaching. In his free time he likes to do things that relate to his classes like hunting, fishing, and frisbee golf; also, he likes to spend time with his daughter Reagan and dog Daisy. Mr. Manspile’s favorite place to eat in Winchester is Jimmy John’s because he likes their “no nonsense approach to sandwich artistry”. If he could change anything about his life, he said he would win the lottery to improve his hobby experience.

About the Author

Joel Sherman
Joel Sherman is 16 years old and was born on May 11, 2000 in Reston, Virginia. He enjoys playing soccer, basketball, and fishing in his free time.