Meet Mrs. Buehler

Mrs. Buehler is an English teacher who teaches 10th and 11th grade. She’s been teaching for eleven years, five of which have been at Millbrook.  When she was training in the military for the army, she discovered she enjoyed to teach and train. She decided to teach as a profession when she left the military. Her hobbies are reading, watching good movies, and dancing. She has a six year old  daughter, Leila.  
Mrs. Buehler has worked at three different schools and Millbrook has been her favorite. “I love the kids here. They’re respectful. I love the sense of humor they have and I feel like there is a lot of support from parents as well,” she said. Her favorite thing about teaching is seeing the kids grow. She adores teaching 10th grade because she likes to see the growth in maturity and awareness. She likes teaching 11th grade as well because she enjoys seeing their writing improve over the year. “It’s very satisfying as a professional to know that you’ve had an impact on student lives,” she said. Her least favorite thing about teaching is seeing her former students graduate.  

About the Author

Sabrina Castillo
Sabrina is a Junior. She loves to listen to music and talking to her close friends.