Meet Mrs. Henshaw

Mrs. Henshaw in front of her door for homecoming.

Mrs. Henshaw has been teaching 16 years. She went to college at the University of Maine at Farmington. Her first teaching job was at Clarke County in 2001 as a summer school teacher for English. After she taught in Clarke County, she started teaching Math at James Woods High School. Once she finished teaching at James Wood, she started at Millbrook when it opened in 2003. Ever since the second grade Mrs. Henshaw wanted a teacher. She said that teaching runs in her family. Her mother was a teacher and her grandfather was also a teacher. Mrs. Henshaw grew up in Maine and came to Winchester because she moved here when she was in third grade and has been here ever since. The best thing about Millbrook for her is the opportunity to see students grow up. The most difficult thing for her is keeping up with things that don’t directly deal with teaching.

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