Meet Mrs. Long

Mrs. Long is a Math teacher, who loves her profession a lot. When she first started college she wanted to become a doctor, not so much of a teacher just yet. Her sister was diagnosed with having learning disability and she went to all of the IEP meetings and all things related. She helped her sister through her high school career, so that made her change her mind right then and there. She loves working with the kids and the classes that she teaches. She feels that because she gets to mainly work with Juniors and Seniors it’s more of a learning about things outside of the classroom, instead of just boring everyday math.

Her favorite two movies at the moment are The Princess Bride and The Green Mile. When she is outside of school she likes to hang out with her kids, she likes to play, coach and watch softball because that’s pretty much her life. If she were to describe herself in four words, they would have to be outspoken, truthful, helpful and mother. Her favorite memory of all time would have to be that, her Freshman and Sophomore  year in college her softball team went to the College World Series Division 2  in Pensacola Florida. She says that it was phenomenal, even though they didn’t win. She went to West Virginia Wesleyan. They recruited her to play softball for their school. It was between them and Millersville University. She wanted to be further away from Millersville.

Her favorite song is Closer by Halsey ft. Chainsmokers because to her the song is really catchy. The thing that makes her the happiest is being with her family and watching her girls doing whatever they decide to do. No matter if it is along the lines of sports, girl scouts and being great at school. The one question that she hates to answer is “ Why do you coach at another school that you don’t work at”. If she could keep five possessions they would have to be her contacts, books, some sort of music playing device, softball gloves and a bucket of balls. Without those she wouldn’t be too sure as to what she would do without them. If she was stranded on a deserted Island she would just be happy to enjoy the peace and quiet at first. Then she would do a lot of reading. She says of course there would be the whole problem of finding something to eat. Overall she loves her job and her life.

About the Author

Daeshanelle Thomas
Daeshanelle loves photography and writing . In her free time, she plays softball and sleeps.