Meet Mrs. Suire

Meet Mrs. Suire

Mrs. Suire is a U.S. History teacher and she teaches eleventh grade. To Mrs. Suire, the most rewarding part of teaching is the kids is “having the kid

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Mrs. Suire is a U.S. History teacher and she teaches eleventh grade. To Mrs. Suire, the most rewarding part of teaching is the kids is “having the kid that has struggled all year and hasn’t gotten to where they want to be and all of a sudden gets it and you see that lightbulb go off. That’s the thing that is most rewarding.”

Teaching was definitely not on Mrs. Suire’s to do list when she was in college. She was majoring in pharmacy, but changed when she decided that she really didn’t like chemistry that much. She changed her major and started to get a history degree, which she always loved, but she didn’t know what to do with it. She came to the conclusion that she would teach. When she started teaching, it wasn’t because she really wanted to. But she fell in love with it as soon as she started it and she cannot imagine herself doing something any different.

Mrs. Suire’s personal goal for this year is to “focus a lot more on my family then I have in the past.”  Her son is in second grade and her daughter is three. Her goal for this school year is

“to reach more kids then I have in the past. I want to bring more people out of their shell.”     

She absolutely loves reading “all day, everyday.” The Harry Potter and Percy Jackson series are her favorites; she can’t pick one. There is also a book that she read when she was little (11 or 12 years old) called Shades of Gray that she loves. “It was a fantastic book about a southern deserter in the civil War and based out of Winchester. It was probably the book that got me started on all other books.”

If Mrs. Suire could witness any event in time, her music-minded self would choose the Woodstock era, but her history side would choose anything that was related to the Civil War era. ”It’s my favorite point in history. I love learning about it, hearing about it and reading about it.”

If Mrs. Suire could spend the day with anyone, she would spend it with Janis Joplin. “Joplin’s music is like a bluesy rock n roll, which I love.” Mrs. Suire can listen to Janis Joplin no matter what mood she is in. She also loves the fact that in a male-dominated 1960’s music world, Janis Joplin broke down gender barriers and exceeded when no one else thought that she could. “I’m definitely born in the wrong generation,” She wishes she was a 60’s Woodstock kid. “I would have a conversation with Janis Joplin if I could.”

If Mrs. Suire could retire tomorrow, she would paint. She loves art, drawing, painting, and doodling on everything. Her dream job is to be able to talk about art all day and the history behind it. She would open a art studio and paint all day long. She can paint both people and backgrounds. When she was younger, she would turn on the TV and look at facial features of people and outfits and say, “Hey, I like this shirt, I should draw that. Then I put paint to canvas and pencil to paper and it became whatever I put my mind to.”

Mrs. Suire loves fall because she loves a good sweatshirt by the bonfire kind of weather, but she’s still be able to wear flip flops, put a hoodie on and be content. “I also love a good snow day, but not too much snow because I don’t like to be inside for too long. I get cabin fever if I get stuck in the snow storm.”

The best vacation she has ever had was for her senior trip in high school. She went to England. It was for art so she toured all throughout the islands of Wales, Scotland and all through Britain. “It was nice.” Her dream vacation is being able to go everywhere. “I would love to travel to a lot of different places like Italy or Australia. Pretty much anywhere in Europe would be phenomenal.”


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