Meet Ms. Bethke

Ms. Bethke realized that teaching was her passion after working at a 4H camp one summer. From there, she decided to go to college and became certified to teach middle school science, Earth Science, and agriculture. Then, with her Masters, she decided to study agriculture “because of all the hands on stuff and FFA.” She chose to teach agriculture to high school students over middle schoolers because they are “more independent and capable of doing things on their own so there is less micromanaging.” She has been teaching for 9 years.

Ms. Bethke met Mr. Borst, her co-worker, when she was in seventh grade. He taught her Natural Resources class and she remembers him being “very fun and outgoing. At first it was a little strange working with him as a co-worker instead of having him as a teacher.” As some may know, Mr. Borst loves to play pranks. He often has a dummy sitting in the Ag office. Sometimes he places the dummy in front of the door, and other times he will stuff it into the freezer. The first time he played a prank on Ms. Bethke, he placed the dummy in her chair behind her desk and turned off the lights. When Ms. Bethke came into her room and turned the lights on, all she saw was someone sitting in her chair out of the corner of her eye.

About the Author

Cara George
Cara is a junior at Millbrook and is actively involved in FFA. She wishes to study veterinarian science after high school.