Meet Ms. Bochain

Meet Ms. Bochain

Ms. Bochain is the new Latin teacher at Millbrook. She teaches all four levels of Latin as well as works with the Latin club. Before coming to Millbro

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Ms. Bochain is the new Latin teacher at Millbrook. She teaches all four levels of Latin as well as works with the Latin club. Before coming to Millbrook, Ms. Bochain taught at the University of Georgia for two years. She led discussion sessions on different aspects of Roman and Greek culture as well as mythology. “It was a lot of fun,” continued Ms. Bochain. “You could really get creative, especially with some of the mythology.” She compared the sessions to storytime, but with a collegiate twist.

She came to Winchester because she wanted to be closer to her family in Virginia. “I also wanted where I live to have mountains,” she continued, “so it really narrowed down the range of  schools I could apply for.” When she came across the posting for Millbrook, there was only three hours left to apply. She looked up Millbrook and Winchester and thought it was a perfect fit, so she sent in her application as quickly as she could. As Ms. Bochain drove to Winchester for her interview, she knew that this was the place she wanted to go.

Ms. Bochain said she got into Latin because of her interest in zoology. Latin plays a huge role in scientific name of animals, so she wanted to take Latin to help her in scientific vocabulary. “I also thought it was cool that I could take a dead language that many other people haven’t taken,” she said with a laugh.

“When I first started studying Latin, I didn’t really intend to keep studying Latin or teach Latin at all,” said  Ms. Bochain, “but the more I got into it, the more I fell in love with solving the puzzles within it.”  She then began to think about what she could do with what she loved. Although Ms. Bochain has always had an interest in teaching, she imagined herself teaching zoology at a collegiate level. “That was always kind of a passion of mine growing up,” said Ms. Bochain. She said the more she studied Latin, the more she fell in love with it.

Her favorite thing about teaching Latin is a tie between two things: seeing the excitement of students for Roman culture and history or seeing a student break through a translation after a good amount of time. “When students finally get a break through [of a translation],” Ms. Bochain explained, “the happiness and look on their face is so rewarding.” Helping students get to that point is what Ms. Bochain looks forward to each time a class translates.
“I encourage anyone to take any and all languages they can get their hands on,” explained Ms. Bochain. She said Latin is a great language to take if you like to challenge yourself and think of yourself as a logical person. Logic and Latin go hand in hand because Latin is like code breaking.  Students who love history would adore Latin because the history and the language are so intertwined. “I would tell people if they love history and they love challenging themselves,” concluded Ms. Bochain, “then Latin is the language for them.”