Meet Ms. Corley

Ms. Corley, ESL teacher and Department Head, works everyday with her students to close the language gap.

Ms. Corley was inspired to learn about English education after living in Latin America for more than three years. She wanted to apply what she had learned during her life abroad to helping others. “[The ESL students] have a hard job ahead of them, and I’d like to be a part of that process in helping them acquire the language and figure out what they want to do,” she said. “We have a few more variables to deal with,” she said of the challenges of teaching ESL. She said that one needs to be flexible, patient, open minded, and calm to successfully teach ESL. This is similar to how she feels about also being the ESL Department Head, which she calls “a careful balancing act.”

Fluent in Spanish as well as English, Ms. Corley’s goal when teaching is to “do the most good… Basically, I want to help see students through to their potential.” She wants her students to know that kindness will get them far in life and that hard work will be rewarded.

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