Meet Ms. Janet Clark

Jeanette Clark standing in front of a poster at Millbrook High School.

Meet Janet Clark, better known among students as Ms. Clark. She describes herself as a single white woman with 6 cats. Clark was originally an accountant, but she hadn’t felt like she was doing much for the world, so she became a teacher. She also comes from a long family line of teachers, influencing her choice in becoming a teacher.

Clark loves the fact that she lives on earth while teaching about it, which is what motivates her to teach science. She used to teach seniors, but she decided to stick with freshmen after seniors kept coming to her with their work unfinished claiming they “didn’t need it to graduate.” Since freshman need to be held accountable, she felt that they were the best choice in teaching.

Clark also likes to try a variety of ways to go about her lessons in those Earth Science classes to keep her students interested, however she likes to keep it mainly hands-on. She only teaches Earth Science, since it’s the only class freshman take unless they’re in AP classes, and because she said, “Nothing is better than understanding what’s around you.”

About the Author

Kacie Clearwater
Kacie Clearwater is a 16 year old Sophomore at Milly B High. She is very outspoken and outgoing. Kacie enjoys writing, photography, astronomy, dying her hair fun colors, and listening to music.