Meet Ms. Sanders

Ms. Sanders is a driver’s education teacher at Millbrook. She has worked here ever since the school opened in 2003. Ms. Sanders is department head for Health and P.E. She was an undergraduate at Southeastern Louisiana University and then she graduated from the University of Texas-San Antonio. She had to go through a few steps in college to become a P.E. teacher as well as a health and driver’s education teacher. She has a health endorsement.  Ms. Sanders has worked at two other schools before Millbrook opened. She taught at Sherando High School for ten years and also worked at James Wood High School for two years.

Nothing really inspired Ms. Sanders to become a driver’s ed teacher. She said it just went along with P.E. She enjoys teaching the class though and loves all of her students. The best thing she likes about driver’s education is that there are multiple activities to do that don’t involve having to sit down the whole class period.

Ms. Sanders couldn’t really describe herself, so she asked her colleague and close friend, Ms. Madden, to do it. “She is very introverted. She only eats particular brands of food. She is very weird about her food. She is also a little shy until you get to know her,” Ms. Madden said. Ms. Sanders loves the movies and she tries to go at least once a week on a regular basis. When she does go, she has to have a Diet Coke, buttery popcorn, and regular M&M’s. She likes to eat her popcorn with her M&M’s to get that sweet and salty flavor.

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