Meet Reece Braithwaite

Have you met Reece Braithwaite? He is a 16 year old junior, that attends Millbrook. He plays golf for the school. His favorite sport is football and his favorite team is America’s team, the Dallas Cowboys.  Reece has one brother, his name is Trey Braithwaite and he used to go to Millrook. He has two pets, a beta fish named Kemosabe and a golden retriever named Isabel, but everyone calls her Izzy. Reece says that “I’m really good at hitting a golf ball which is one of the most difficult things I have done next to hitting a baseball.” After school, he likes to go out and eat, hang out with friends, and golf for Millbrook. His favorite song is “Shake it Off “ by the one and only, Taylor Swift. Once Reece graduates in 2 years, he would like to go to the beach during the summer. For college he wants to go to WVU and study pharmaceuticals so he can become a pharmacist. In 10 years, he would like to have a nice, loving family and to have a successful career.

About the Author

Francisco Ramirez-Ramos
Francisco is a writer. He enjoys playing video games and watching TV