Megan Haan Joins Team Tatted

Imagine getting a tattoo…on your lip! Megan Haan did the unthinkable on impulse and got her initials and a crown representing her nickname, “Lady Meg”, tattooed on the inside of her bottom lip. The tattoo was done at the downtown shop, ‘Sakura.’

Meagan's shoulder tattoo. Photograph by Ariel Payne

Meagan’s shoulder tattoo.
Photograph by Ariel Payne

This was not her first tattoo. She got one on her shoulder of a sunflower done at ‘Deep-n-Ink.’ Her friends Alex Ganse, Brook Goodwin, and Cora Dent came along for the adventure. “I turned 18 and I needed something to do. It was also an act of rebellion against my parents. I can pretty much parent myself so I like making independent decisions, especially ones my parents might not necessarily agree with. My parents knew about my shoulder tattoo, and they were only okay with it. They definitely didn’t freak out like I thought they would! However, they did not know about the lip tattoo until a few days later. I didn’t even tell her and my mom ran into my room one morning, pulled my lip down, and said, ‘It’s true!’ I think my cousin told her.. Needless to say, they’re still not too thrilled about the idea.”

On a pain scale of 1-10, she rated both a 7. “The sunflower was a 7. It didn’t hurt until they did the shading. I would rate the lip tattoo a 7 as well because it was super quick and a different kind of pain. The lip tattoo healed faster than my shoulder tat, and it wasn’t hard to get used to at all. The only thing is, there are now bumps on my lip and it feels extremely different.” Both tattoo parlors she visited she would definitely recommend to any newbies of the tattoo world.

Why a lip tattoo? According to Haan, “I told people I was gonna get a tattoo on my lip and they didn’t believe me. I did it to prove a point. It’s also pretty savage because people didn’t think I would do it and I did.”

New to tattoos and inspired? Here’s some words of wisdom from Megan Haan herself. “For a first tattoo, definitely get one on your shoulder. It didn’t hurt that bad until the shading and it’s a solid place to get a tat. It can be hidden when you want and shown off when you wear tank tops. On a more extreme level, get a face tattoo, it’s so bold.”

Winchester has many places to get inked. It’s a hot trend right now, but definitely think about your decision as this is something that lasts forever and make sure to go to a reputable tattoo parlor.