Mike Frazier and the Dying Wild

Mike Frazier playing at Valley Cat Studios

On the dreary night of September 29, Valley Cat Studios held an exciting show featuring Destructo Disk, Quinn Cicala, Reward, and lastly, Mike Frazier and the Dying Wild. Despite the cold rain that swept through the city of Winchester, the venue ushered in many young, spunky musicians and supporters. The crowd was small but tight – everyone knew everyone. Thankfully, the chill of early autumn didn’t put a damper on the lively scene; the bands were as energetic as ever.

Standing outside the venue were the members of X-Ray Cat ready to conduct an interview with Mike Frazier. The dingy atmosphere didn’t stifle Mike’s cheery demeanor either. If anything, it added to the edge and grime of the punk scene. For many, this was what home felt like.

At the beginning of Mike’s music career, he started his first band during his freshman year which lasted until 2014. His current band began when he put out his solo record in August 2015. As for genre, theirs could be described as Americana Punk Rock, songs like Virginia Son and War on Love having an anthem-like quality and others like Sunflower and Bones having a more acoustic vibe. Mike finds his inspiration through Bruce Springsteen the most, but he also enjoys Against me!, Gaslight Anthem, Neil Young, Green Day, Bad Religion, and NOFX, among many others.

One of the most important aspects of the music scene is obviously the venue and show itself. Mike prefers venues that are “all ages, DIY places, for the kid by the kids, anything that’s inclusive of anybody.” Nothing beats a show where everyone feels comfortable and included, because that’s what music is about. Despite his love for the Winchester community, he’s been around quite a bit, touring most of the country over the summer.

In contrast to playing live shows for a reckless audience, being in the studio is a different world, but it’s no stranger to Mike. He works with his friend, Will Beasley, at Geneva Records where his last record was produced. At the time, he simply called up a few friends to session in and play certain parts, which led to the live band.

Mike also has experience with touring solo acoustically. He deemed it a completely different experience from playing with a band, but equally as enjoyable. Since most of his songs have a more upbeat and punk sound, he takes a different mindset to it when playing them with just him and his guitar. Nevertheless, he always brings on the same amount of passion and intensity, and that’s what matters when it comes to punk.

His next show is on October 12 at Phat Bites in Nashville, TN. He can be reached @mikefrazierva on Facebook.

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Laurel Biedrzycki
Laurel Biedrzycki is a junior at Millbrook High School who enjoys writing and angsty music. She sings for her punk band, X-Ray Cat and believes in aliens.