Olivia Escalante: Olivia From Bolivia

Olivia Escalante is a well-known sophomore at Millbrook High School who is on the Varsity Cheerleading team and in choir. However, behind her friendly personality, there is a story that not many people know. Olivia and her family are originally from Bolivia.

Olivia’s paternal grandmother, who she calls Abuela, was born and raised in Bolivia. When her Abuela had her second child, Olivia’s father, she decided that she wanted her children to be given more opportunities in their life and education, so they moved to the United States. Even though America offered many new chances, Abuela decided to move her family back to her home country.

She wanted her children to experience the Spanish culture in Bolivia, as it was much more personal and down to earth than in the United States. When Olivia’s dad was six years old, he and his family moved back to the U.S. It was in Washington D.C. where he met Olivia’s mom, and started a family in Winchester, Virginia.

Today, Olivia, her younger brother Gabriel, and her parents visit Bolivia as often as they can, depending on the price of airfares. Olivia stated that “the food is amazing there,” and recommends that everyone should try Bolivian cuisine if they get the chance.

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