Millbrook Takes the Big Apple

Millbrook Takes the Big Apple

Millbrook Choir and Band went to New York City recently for not only a clinic, but an adventurous three days around the city. Attendees said the trip

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Millbrook Choir and Band went to New York City recently for not only a clinic, but an adventurous three days around the city. Attendees said the trip was absolutely amazing and memorable, but exhausting because of how much was seen in three days. Each morning while the group was in the city, they greeted those back in Winchester with a lovely “Good morning!” post online featuring a gorgeous picture of the famous New York skyline. Choir member, Madelynn Shores, could not express just how much she loved the trip.

“New York was incredible,” began Madelynn. “We did so much in three days that I’ll never forget.” One of the first experiences in New York for the group was eating dinner at the iconic HardRock Cafe. While eating a performer came out to entertain the group. “A worker came out performed a top-notch lip-sync to Lady Gaga,” said Madelynn. She described how he interacted with the audience and was very funny. After they ate, each group was allowed to walk around Times Square. “My friends and I adore [the musical] Hamilton,” said Madelynn excitedly, “so the first thing we did in Times Square was see the Richard Rodger’s Theater.” After admiring the theater, her group, along with the entire trip, dashed off to see Aladdin on Broadway. “The show was incredible,” Madelynn continued. “The set was gorgeous and the characters were wonderful.” Her favorite was Genie, who she described as hilarious and perfect in his role. The clinic that the choirs attended at Drew University were to help the group become better singers. “It made us sound more incredible than we already did,” said Madelynn. Dr. Bishop, the professor who conducted the clinic, was extremely funny and ensured the clinics ran smoothly. She sang in the Treble, Mixed, and Jazz clinics and could not pick a favorite session. After the clinic, the group continued to tour the city. They went to the iconic Central Park, where Madelynn holds one of her favorite memories from the trip. “In Central Park,” Madelynn said, “my friends and I met so many dogs, which were all adorable.  It was amazing!”

One of the most notable experiences from the trip was the visit to the 9/11 Memorial and Museum. Madelynn recounted the surrealness of seeing the ruble and hearing the voice messages left to loved ones. “I ended up crying before we left,” she continued. “It [the Memorial and Museum] made me realize how evil human beings can be, but also how selfless they can be too.”  She feels that every American should go to the memorial at least once. One of the most disappointing moments from the trip was when she witnessed people taking selfies in front of the reflecting pool. “I wanted to hit their phones out of their hands because it was extremely disrespectful,” described Madelynn.

Carolynn Unger, another Choir member who attended the trip, had a special NYC visit. Not only was it her first time visiting the city, but it was also her sixteenth birthday while she was there. She said she cannot wait to go back to the city because she had such an amazing experience. “My father was told me,” she said, “the first thing you do in New York is look up.” Carolynn described that when she looked up, her jaw dropped. She said that in Times Square, she ran over to the Disney store. “I’m a kid when it comes to Disney,” she said, “so I went to the Disney store and had the best time ever.” Carolynn was able to buy small plushes of her favorite characters, Spiderman and Baymax. Along with the rest of the attendees, she loved the musical Aladdin.  One of Carolynn’s favorite memories was touring the Lincoln Center. She described just how large the ballet theatre itself was along with the exhibits within the center. “One thing I learned about the Lincoln Center,” said Carolynn, “is that it is set up like a musical jewelry box.” She compared the two in deep detail describing how the classic ballerina spins in the jewelry box like in real life how actual ballerinas dance on stage. “I thought it was fascinating and really ironic how it was set up like that,” she concluded.
New York is known for its magical adventures and wonderful, lifelong memories. Millbrook Choir and Band felt the magic of New York and will remember it for time to come.