Millbrook Varsity Basketball 2018: “State Championship or Bust”

Millbrook Varsity Basketball 2018: “State Championship or Bust”

Both the girls and boys basketball teams at Millbrook have been consistently strong for the past few years. The Girls Varsity team remains undefeated

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Both the girls and boys basketball teams at Millbrook have been consistently strong for the past few years. The Girls Varsity team remains undefeated with a record of 14-0, after a 69-23 win against Fauquier on 1/23. The Boys Varsity team is also going strong with a record of 14-3, following a 54-44 win against Jefferson County on 1/24. The players, as well as the coaches, are fairly happy with how the year has gone so far.

Erick Green, the Varsity Girls team coach, feels the season has gone well and is impressed with what the team has been able to do.  “The season has started off great. The girls are working hard and playing well,” he stated. He’s proud of their 11-0 record, as well as their winning average of 48 points. He does try to be somewhat cautious though, saying “It’s only January, and championships will not be won until February and March.” Still, he can’t help but believe in the team and the potential they have. “We have all the tools needed to win the state championship.”

Alison Hauck, a sophomore in her second year on the Varsity team, is also satisfied with what the team has been able to accomplish this year. “I think the season has gone even better than last year because we’re all closer,” Alison said it’s mainly because they didn’t have to deal “with meeting each other for the first time like we did last year.” In terms of challenges though, Alison does admit Sherando was an issue, but she is definitely ready to come back from that this year. Of course focusing on one opponent could be even more of an issue though, which is why she and the rest of the team is preparing for the rest of the season as a whole. “When we first met our coach, all he said to us is that we gotta win that state title,” Alison added. “We almost got there last year… and I think just seeing [that] opportunity has just kind of been keeping us going this year, especially since it’s our seniors last year.”

The Boys Varsity Team seems to be satisfied with how their season has gone also, at least according to a couple of the players. Trammell Anthony, a senior on the team, does feel that they started a little slow to start the season, “…but we’re getting it together.” He went on to say, “I feel like we work well when we share the ball, and we make shots, and just running transitions.” In the end, “we work [well] together if we just play like we’re supposed to.” He continues by commenting on how they don’t play their best when they have a more difficult opponent, and simply concluded, “we can’t keep doing that.”

Jordan Funk, another senior member of the team, feels relatively the same about the entire team and how the season has gone. Other than the few games they’ve lost, he feels the team has played pretty well, although “we still have a lot to learn.” Similar to Trammell’s view on the team, he feels the they are their best “when everyone’s sharing the ball,” when they all work together.  In terms of what they need to learn, he said, “We go through periods where we like to not share the ball and be selfish.” He does feel that they can move past that though and getting beat a few times helped with perspective and was needed “for us to progress.”

As the season continues and comes closer and closer to postseason, both players have determined viewpoints looking ahead. “My goal is to beat every team that we play here on out… I don’t like losing, and this is my senior year. I wanna end it out on a good note,” Trammell concluded. Jordan agreed, saying he aims to defeat rival Handley one more time, among just having a better overall season compared to last year’s 12-12 record.

Coach Green concluded everything the best. The goals are “to win every game. Play great team basketball…with the understanding that defense wins championships – State Championship or bust.”