Millbrook Varsity Cheer Team Goes to States

The Millbrook Varsity Competitive Cheer Team has had an extremely successful 2016 season! The team is competing in the State competition on November 5th, 2016 at VCU. Their first competition of the season was a 1st place win. As the season continued the girls kept their successful streak. They defended their 3-peat district champion title. They also won another “mini” competition at Woodgrove. After making Millbrook history by winning Regionals, the girls qualified for State Competition.

Coach Jones described one of the team’s strengths as being fundamentally talented. “Something though that has helped them go beyond that,” said Coach Jones, “is the unity the team has together.” She said that they are constantly encouraging and lifting one another up. Coach Jones went on to explain that being talented is a great strength to have, but being a strong, unified team is what makes the girls go above and beyond. Cheerleader, Airryonna Lively, agreed with Coach Jones on the strength of the team. Airryonna added that the team is able to work together easily to perfect mistakes as well as be incredibly enthusiastic.

Coach Jones could not choose a favorite part of this year’s routine, but she definitely loves to watch the intricate stunting. She described the end pyramid as one part of the routine she prefers. “When Lexi goes up in the back and does her amazing needle, while Ellie was put in the back tuck flip,” was one part that the Coach described excitedly. She added an additional part of that series where Lexi and Kam go up and spin around. “I just like that whole series part,” added Coach Jones. She also enjoys the opening with standing tumble and all of the movement as being fun to watch. Airryonna Lively enjoys the dance within the routines. “It’s when we pick up our energy,” she said. Airryonna added that the entire team becomes very involved in the dance.

Airryonia shared that each performance of the team is done with their team mate, Morgan Miller, in mind.  “We keep her spirit with us,” said Airryonna. “She energizes us.”  Airryonna also added that Morgan motivates the team to keep reaching the goals they’ve set.

Come out to the bus loop at 8:15 AM on Saturday, November 5th to send the team off to States! Good luck to the Varsity Cheer Team!


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