Millbrook vs Handley

FINAL: 56-0 Millbrook


On Friday, October 30th Millbrook faced Handley at their last home football game of the season. Millbrook started off strong with their first touchdown scored within minutes of the start of the first quarter and another touchdown roughly 7 minutes later.


The remainder of the game was similar in play, which was vividly outlined by the work of both the offense and defense, bringing Handley to a halt. Two more touchdowns from Millbrook brought the halftime score to 28-0.


The beginning of the third quarter excited the crowd as Millbrook started off with a 80 yard kick return touchdown and a 30 yard rushing touchdown minutes later bringing the score up to 41-0.


The 4th quarter went smoothly as Millbrook succeeded against Handley. The boys played hard and their effort was shown with the team’s seventh victory, bringing the final score to 56-0.
“We are showing Winchester what Millbrook is capable of,” said a Millbrook player. Hopefully, the boys will continue to show great potential throughout the playoffs.