Morgan Klunk

Ever had the experience of a lifetime? Junior Morgan Klunk had hers over the summer of 2015. Her grandfather is part of the Lions Club in Winchester and asked Morgan if she’d tag along as a volunteer at Remote Area Medical, otherwise known as R.A.M.

R.A.M. travels around and provides medical treatment to areas that don’t have easy access to it. When she arrived in Wise, Virginia, Morgan ran into Mrs. Puglisi, assistant principal at Millbrook High School. The determined team of three remained in Virginia for three days and stayed overnight in a nearby hotel.

According to Morgan, “Residents of Wise, WV would come and I would escort them to where they needed to go based on their medical needs. Most of the people we helped were underprivileged and did not have opportunities to get simple medical treatments, such as dental, hearing and vision checkups, and other regulated medical routines. They received all these services for free.”

“The craziest thing I experienced was an older gentleman who had a seizure and a helicopter came and picked him up, escorting him somewhere he could get more intense treatment. The governor showed up and a drone flew in and dropped off medical supplies for the patients. It was all around a great experience. I’ve never experienced anything like it.” Morgan is excited to participate again next year.

“It opened up my eyes to how fortunate we really are.” Morgan plans to pursue a career in medicine and possibly wants to be an RN.