Mr. Bates, New Coach & Teacher

New to Millbrook this year is special education teacher and basketball coach, Mr. Bates. Mr. Bates came to Millbrook from Clarke County High School with ten years of teaching in special education under his belt. He wasn’t sure what he would be teaching at Millbrook when he was first hired and that algebra “kind of just fell into my lap.” He has been adjusting well with the help and support of the rest of the Millbrook staff, especially Mr. Haymore and the rest of the math department.

When he was younger, he knew he wanted to work with children but he wasn’t sure what subject or age to teach. He chose to work with special education students after doing a research project in school. He said that he enjoys the connection of numbers between sports and math, saying, “Numbers don’t lie.”

Mr. Bates is also Millbrook’s head boys’ basketball coach. According to Mr. Bates, “I grew up playing basketball, and when the position opened, I was obviously intrigued… [I] kinda knew a little bit of background about Millbrook basketball, so I was definitely curious about the job.” He said that the sport has eased the transition between schools for him.

Story by Madison Lazenby

Edited by Eliza Grigsby

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