Mr. Borst

Mr. Borst teaches fish/wildlife, landscaping, small engine repair, agriculture concepts and floral design. He enjoys teaching landscaping the most because that’s what his background is in. Mr. Borst had a degree in horticulture from Penn State and landscaping is apart of horticulture. “Being agriculture teachers, they expected us to be able to teach anywhere from vet science to floral design, and from engines to welding.” He’s been teaching for 22 years. Mr. Borst spent a year after college in Vermont, then he taught at James Wood Middle School for seven years, and finally landed at Millbrook. He devotes mostly all his time to school, but when he gets free time he enjoy hiking, gardening and attending sporting events for his three children.

About the Author

Anica Moran
Anica is a junior this year. She enjoys reading and listening to music in her spare time.