Mr. Griffis goes to Germany

Bundestag in Berlin, Germany

Is traveling your thing? Well it’s definitely Mr. Griffis’. On behalf of EF (Education First) Nathan Griffis was sent to Berlin, Germany for three days to receive tips and training for the upcoming students traveling abroad. EF takes students internationally all over the world to experience, learn, and study for 12 days in another country. Mr. Griffis’ trip began just as they landed, walking through Berlin touring shops, markets, and what remains of Berlin architecture.

Mr. Griffis enjoys the culture diversity that he experienced.  “I chose to travel to Germany because I can speak German, so it only made sense,” said Nathan. “The food was fantastic. Lots of sausage. Definitely an ideal choice for anyone that can speak the language and enjoy the food.” Mr. Griffis also visited the Parliament buildings. “Still all marked with the bullet holes of WWII,” he said.

Mr. Griffis speaks with hope for the upcoming trip to Peru. EF does a wonderful job planning the trips for the students traveling, Amazon Rainforest, Machu Picchu, Cusco, and Mediterranean food. Count me in. Nathan Griffis shared the background of his enrollment process and the details of how simple it is to get involved. “You have to receive a letter of recommendation and a large chunk of change, and you’re set,” he said.

“EF is a wonderful program, and a very eye opening experience for everyone involved,” Griffis spoke with excitement for the soon approaching summer trip to Prue.

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