Mr. Kelly & Mr. Bracken: Duo Directors

Drawn by Nicole Hauck

The musical this year at Millbrook High School is going under the sea for The Little Mermaid.  It is a timeless story about a mermaid named Ariel desperately wanting to be human and be with the man she loves.  The show will be directed by Brian Kelly, choral director at Millbrook.  He has worked as the music director in Millbrook’s past productions, such as Shrek and Little Shop of Horrors.  He chose The Little Mermaid as the next production because he “wanted something a little more ‘family friendly’ this year.” He said, “Little Shop was more geared towards teenagers and adults, whereas this is a more family friendly and community based show.”  He was fascinated by the lighting, special effects, and the set.  “It’s a very visual show and I think that will be a great feature of it,” he said.  Mr. Kelly is most looking forward to the actors developing into their characters.

The role of technical director was given to Mr. Bracken, who is a new French teacher at Millbrook.  He was involved in theater in high school and started studying Technical Theater in his junior year.  He also worked in community theater.  “For my senior year and after I graduated, I got hired by different local theaters in my hometown to work and do the lighting and some of the technical stuff there,” he said.  When Mr. Bracken came to Millbrook and noticed there was an opening in the department, he automatically took it.  “I felt it was a great fit for me.”  Although it is early in the year, he is very excited to get started.  “It’s great to see a wide variety of talent,” he said. “It seems like a very energetic group that is really engaged in theater which is awesome.”  He is looking forward to working with Mr. Kelly, the cast, and the crew.  “Your first time doing a production with a new organization is something that’s usually very special and magical because you’re working with people you don’t really know to create something that the community really loves and the community really is involved with,” he said.  Mr. Bracken will also be directing the One Act Play this year.  He has not decided on a show yet, but it is in the works.

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