Mrs. Keeler vs The Weeknd

Mrs. Keeler and her daughter, Rachel (a freshman here at Millbrook), went to a concert to see The Weeknd. This special occasion was to celebrate her daughter’s birthday. She enjoyed the concert and her favorite part was, “The ending, his last song and encore song.”

Last year was the first time Keeler heard The Weeknd when a couple of her students were lip syncing to him. Before she went to the concert, she did not like them and afterwards, she has a new appreciation for them. “He kinda reminds me of Michael Jackson,” Keeler said.

The concert was at the Verizon Center in Washington D.C. Upon arrival, the pair went right in and their seats were fairly close to the stage. “We were to the right of the stage and we actually had really good seats,” she described.

The two performers before The Weeknd Keeler did not like very much because, “They were on too long.” Though she did like the second performance better than the first, both were not as good as the main performance.  “The fans were insane, they knew all the words to the songs. He had all the fans up and dancing.”  

The concert started at 7:30 and The Weeknd didn’t come on until 9:25. It ended at 11:00 and they were home by 1 a.m.


About the Author

Emily Keller
Emily is a 11th grader. She loves to listen to music in her free time.