Music Update of Winchester

X-Ray Cat at Hopscotch Coffee

Recently, the Winchester punk band, Destructo Disk released a new album called Punk Rock for Kids Who Can’t Skate. The new album includes I Wish I Was a Riot Grrrl, a slow paced song about the 90s feminist movement, and Cops and Dogs, a more upbeat tune against police brutality.

Destructo Disk at Hopscotch Coffee

As for Millbrook’s punk band, X-Ray Cat is taking a short break from playing shows in order to focus on writing new material for an upcoming album. They’ve discussed a concept album, but in all honesty, they don’t exactly know what they’re going for yet (but it’s going to be really good). To break up their time away from the stage, they had one last show at Hopscotch Coffee on February 12 with Destructo Disk and Baxter (formerly known as Shock/Caller).

Currently, the two bands (X-Ray Cat and Destructo Disk) are coming together to create a split record which will include two songs from each band and one cover song they’re collaborating on. There is no set release date yet, but it will be released on Geneva Records. Both bands are ecstatic for the record, especially X-Ray Cat, as they hit the studio for the first time to record their music.

As a member of X-Ray Cat, I would like to thank Gideon and Danny for giving us this exciting opportunity to work with them, as we’re a band that’s still in our infancy. I’d also like to thank Mike Frazier for releasing us on Geneva Records. We don’t necessarily have it all figured out, so I’m grateful for the support we’ve been given and for everyone who believes in us.

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Laurel Biedrzycki is a junior at Millbrook High School who enjoys writing and angsty music. She sings for her punk band, X-Ray Cat and believes in aliens.