Nate Griffis is the director for Millbrook’s musical. He and Mr. Kelly have chosen to do Little Shop of Horrors this year. According to Mr. Griffis, “Little Shop of Horrors is a satire of a 1950’s B movie. It’s about a giant  venus fly trap that takes over the world and eats a lot of people.”

Mr Griffis and Mr. Kelly chose this play because it is a smaller, more personal production. Last year they did Shrek, which was a big production. They also want to get away from Disney. He also wants a musical that high schoolers are more naturally interested in. “Little Shop of Horrors is a great play. It’s fun. It’s funny. It’s not safe for kids. The music part of it is 50’s rock with some doo wop mixed in with the classical musical music,” said Mr. Griffis.

Compared to last year’s musical, this show has its challenges and its rewards. With the set almost done and the cast ready to go, the musical is nearly ready for action. They will be ready to perform on Nov. 9 – 11. Mr. Griffis “hopes to see everyone there!”

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Tiffany Eastridge
Tiffany Marie Becker Eastridge is an 18 year old senior at Millbrook High School. She has one best friend, Haley, and they have been best friends since fourth grade. Tiffany loves to read teen fiction books and watch anime, movies and tv shows.