Mystical Musical Finding Neverland

Finding Neverland is a Broadway musical that came out early 2015 and was originally a movie that released in 2004. This musical is the story behind Peter Pan and how it came to be. J.M Barrie, the writer of Peter Pan finds inspiration when meeting Sylvia and her four sons to write Peter Pan and to trust in his work. He named Peter Pan after one of Sylvia’s sons, whom he bonded with the most. The music is as magical and mystical as Peter Pan himself.

Matthew Morrison was the original J.M Barrie on Broadway and Johnny Depp was the actor in the movie. For the most part the musical is the same as the movie. They just added music to it. Finding Neverland is going on a national tour starting in October 2016 and is going to London in early 2017. The team that created Finding Neverland also wrote Shakespeare in Love, Chicago and Pippin.

According to Time magazine, it is “A spirtful, tuneful, nimbly stage delight! One of the year’s top ten shows.” The music follows J.M Barrie being confused on what to write next, then meeting four boys who inspire him. He goes from being in a miserable in a relationship to falling in love with a widow and the mother of the four boys. It’s also about dealing with the loss of a parent and getting ready to lose another, as well as a child trying to learn how to be a child and to trust again. It follows stubborn adults learning to play once again. Barrie finds his new voice and the child inside him that has been screaming to get out. Finding Neverland celebrates never growing up and the power of having an imagination.

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