Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon; Is Amazon Competition?

Netflix and Hulu are known for their popularity with having all your favorite shows, movies, and cartoons. As cable cords are being cut, on-demand streaming wars are starting to flame up. Most probably don’t realize that Netflix and Hulu aren’t the only ones competing with each other. Amazon Prime Video is also in on your binge watching action and currently gaining in its users.

Its undeniable that Netflix has one of the largest leads on most of it’s competition. During it’s recent years, it’s had to shift its focus from buying already popular shows to making their very own “Netflix Originals.” This was due to the fact that more competition has been filling up the spaces in between the main competitors.

Hulu and Amazon have similarly followed Netflix’s example by investing in in-house shows so they can build up their libraries to increase their audience. This represents just one of the shifts happening in on-demand fields. Currently Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon represent most of the market in terms of streaming services.

If you’re an Amazon Prime member you already have access to Prime Video. It offers tons of programming from all areas of television. If you’re looking for more variety in your streaming options or simply curious as to what else is out there, Amazon has recently included other subscriptions to Prime Video memberships.
Regardless of what you’re watching your favorites with, there’s an option available for every kind of content you’re interested in. For most, you can get a free trial if you’re interested in giving them a try. While Amazon hasn’t reached the level that some of its bigger competitors are on, its unquestionable that the future is looking bright for the company. 

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