Netflix: Limited Killer, More Filler

Over the past year, Netflix has been continuously been adding more and more original content to its library. Every month Netflix drops new shows, specials and movies to its catalogue. Netflix is has become known for their quality and award winning TV shows like House of Cards and Orange is the New Black. However, it seems they are starting to take a dip with the quality of their new content. Netflix’s content is becoming more filler content instead killer content.

Netflix has gone on record to say that they plan to have half of their overall content to be original programming. They intend to start spending more of their money and time to finance original content instead of licensing other movies or TV shows, which is okay if they regularly make good content.

I started to notice a trend when Netflix reprised Full House. They decided to call the new show Fuller House. This was the one of the first times I wondered what Netflix was doing with its content. The reprise of Full House was absolutely awful and unwatchable. However, somehow it was revived for a second season.

After that, Netflix made a deal with Adam Sandler for four exclusive movies. So far they have made two movies so far, The Ridiculous 6 and The Do Over. Both movies are like regular Adam Sandler movies, predictably bad. It’s safe to say that the next two movies aren’t going to be any better.

Almost every week, I turn on Netflix and see at the top of the screen a new show, special, or movie Netflix spat out. What annoys me the most is that Netflix is spending their money on this filler content and not spending it on licensing other movies and shows. By financing all these shows and movies they can’t buy the rights to other movies like they used to.

It’s alright if Netflix wants to do all these original content shows and movies as long as they are good. Right now they are not. I’d rather have Netflix produce a few shows and movies that are really good instead of a bunch that are mediocre at best.  

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Luke Rangel
Luke is a junior at Millbrook. Luke enjoy's listening to awful music, "playing" the guitar and what's the point of being in a punk rock band without your best friend?