New Craze

Have you heard of the Mannequin challenge? This new viral challenge is when everyone in the room stops what they’re doing and freezes in motion like a mannequin. With the crazes there is usually a song, and for this one it is Black Beatles by Rae Sremmurd. Many famous celebrities, NFL teams and other sports teams are doing this. Some examples are former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and the Dallas Cowboys are doing this challenge.

I think this new craze is going to die really fast. It’s just like every other fad. It is there for a couple of weeks, but then is just starts getting annoying and unamusing. Like with the Harlem Shake, it was entertaining at first, but the more you saw less entertaining it was. Also the more mainstream it is it becomes less original and loses its value.


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Francisco Ramirez-Ramos
Francisco is a writer. He enjoys playing video games and watching TV