New Google Phone?

Have you heard of Google Pixel? It is a new phone that, on October 4th, 2016, Google introduced. The Pixel will have unlimited storage for photos and videos, and it uses the Google Play store and other google apps. The Pixel XL will be 5.5 inches and the Pixel will be 5 inches and will be available in 3 colors, including Very Silver, Really Blue and Quite Black. The battery life will differ between the two phones. The XL can last up to 23 days on standby and the Pixel xcan last up to 19 days on standby. These phones are also VR compatible. The regular Pixel will cost $649 for the 32GB and the 128GB will cost $749. The XL will be priced at $769 for the 32GB and 128GB version will be $869. It will be available on October 20th in the UK, US and Australia

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