New Improvements, Better Results

“The season has been going pretty well this year,” football player Tyler Russell said. “We’re more of a team than we’ve ever been before,” he also added. Russell, a Millbrook senior, has been on the team since his first year entering the school, and after the team’s shaky first two years under new head coach Josh Haymore, things finally seem to be working out for the team.

Starting off the year strong with an overall record of 3-1, the Pioneers seem much more of a threat than they were from last season. Russell explained that a factor that contributed to this success is the idea of togetherness that has finally clicked amongst the players. “We’ve all grown up together through these past years and we’ve finally realized that we need to come together and win these games,” he explained.

Since his time at Millbrook, Coach Haymore has faced multiple challenges in his attempts to create a team that rival teams are hesitant to face on the field, and it seems that so far the changes he created are paying off. “I think the coaches are doing well this year. Although Haymore can be intense at times, I know he has good intentions,” Russell stated. “The fact that the coaches have changed up the defense has helped a lot because now we can place players where they need to be, and it allows us to put whoever we want on the defensive line.”

As an individual, Russell believes this year he has put his best efforts, as a player, on the team. “All the hard work during the off-season with lifting and conditioning have really helped me get better,” he said. With the team performing so well this year, Russell is very excited to take on the local rivals, including James Wood, Sherando and Handley, and see how the team handles them. “I’m just really hoping we make playoffs this year,” Russel added.