October 19 – October 23

October 19 – October 23

California might let inmates with violent backgrounds help fight wildfires. California has the oldest inmate firefighting unit with about 3,800 member

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California might let inmates with violent backgrounds help fight wildfires. California has the oldest inmate firefighting unit with about 3,800 members this year, which is down from 4,400 last year. In the past, only inmates who had no history of violent crimes could participate, but next year they are thinking of letting inmates who have committed violent crimes join. The inmates have criminal records consisting of robbery or assaults, but are only allowed to sign up if their security classification level has been reduced from years of good behavior.

A county in Connecticut cancelled Halloween. Milford Elementary School banned the Halloween parade in fear they would exclude kids who didn’t want to take part in the celebration. Superintendent Elizabeth Feser says she doesn’t want kids being distracted by Halloween. “School is vital to children and we need them to focus on it.” Aside from the annual parade being cancelled, kids are forbidden to wear costumes. 200 parents have signed a petition to restore the parade.

Hackers are controlling Apple’s Siri and Android’s Google using radio waves. If your headphones are in, hackers can access your phone from up to 16 feet away. They have small compact hardware that can be fit in a backpack and only need to be 6 and a half feet away. However, you could be a victim from farther away when they have larger and more complex software. The hack can only happen if you have Siri accessible from the lock screen and have headphones connected. If users don’t wish to be hacked, just keep Siri off and the headphones out.

President Obama has just announced that 5,500 troops will be kept in Afghanistan past 2016. The troops have been applied for the draw-down timeline to be extended by military leaders. Obama originally wanted all the troops out by the end of next year, but military leaders have argued that Afghanistan need additional assistance from the United States. The current 9,800 troops will be kept in Afghanistan throughout the next year. They will start being extracted until there are 5,500 troops posted in 2017.

One of the most powerful hurricanes in history to hit Western Hemisphere, hit Puerto Vallarta, México. The storm got up to a category 5, which caused enormous damage to the Mexican west coast. With wind speeds up to 205 miles per hour, the hurricane surpassed Sandy and Katrina’s strength. Many have compared it to Typhoon Haiyan, which killed thousands of people in the Philippines.







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