October 23 – October 30

On October 22, 2015, a whaling boat sank off the shore of Vancouver Island. It was carrying 27 people when it sailed into bad weather. Five passengers are dead and one is missing. The ship sank 8 nautical miles off the shore of Tofino. Many personal and Coast Guard ships responded to the call. The search for survivors lasted five and a half hours, in which they found the living and dead. The Leviathan II was 65 feet long and had three decks.

President Obama has decided that the school systems are giving students too many tests. He said, “(Children) Worry about too much testing, and teachers feel so much pressure to teach to a test, it takes the joy out of teaching and learning, both for them and for the students. I want to fix that.” Many others feel the same way, that teachers only teach the tests to make themselves look good. There will be a plan in place by the end of the year to fix it.

It has been shown that the presidential debates are the most watched thing on television. Most of the credit goes to Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders, who have a talent for getting noticed. Some see it as a reality show with two stars. Everyone is eager to see how the Republican debates shakes out.

The President is set to deploy a small number of special operations forces in Syria. Although he has avoided being dragged into another war in the Middle East, certain actions have forced his hand. The troops are not meant to interfere, but to ensure that the supplies and weapons are going to forces the USA supports.

In Bethlehem District schools in Pennsylvania, a bus driver was texting and driving while she was transporting students to school. A student videotaped her in the act. The driver has been suspended, but not fired. Many parents are concerned about this decision, and police have not yet confirmed if there will be any charges pressed or not.






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