Opposing Viewpoints- Congressional Race

Opposing Viewpoints- Congressional Race

Barbara Comstock By Abby Varricchio Congresswoman Barbara Comstock is right and best choice for our representative in Congress. Not only does sh

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Barbara Comstock

By Abby Varricchio

Congresswoman Barbara Comstock is right and best choice for our representative in Congress. Not only does she have an impressive track record of bipartisan work and civil service experience, Comstock is deeply connected and knows the issues that matter most for our district. Issues that matter most to us, including the heroin epidemic that is ruining our communities and families or education, matter to Comstock as well. Comstock is ready and has proven that she works for us in Congress.

Comstock wants to advance young women in leadership. Last summer, I was accepted into Congresswoman Comstock’s Young Women’s Leadership Program. The program was designed by the Congresswoman when she was a state delegate and wanted to give young women the opportunity to hear from successful women leaders in multiple career fields. At the first event, the Congresswoman spoke and invited each girl to the Capitol Building. When the Congresswoman introduced herself to each of us, she said, “Call me Barbara.”  I will never forget being on the floor of the House of Representatives and having the opportunity to hear directly from a Congresswoman how a session works. She was so receptive to questions and was extremely excited to share stories of success with us. Not only did the Congresswoman tell us stories of success, she told how she came to be the woman she is today. Comstock held many different sessions and at each one, she was engaged and asking questions just as we were. Comstock is ready to give young women the tools to be leaders in career field. In addition to her Young Women’s Leadership Program, Comstock introduced, sponsored, and passed the Inspiring Women Act in the House of Representatives. The Inspiring Women Act promotes STEM education for young girls. Comstock is a strong role model to lead young women to future success in any field they chose.

In May, I decided to begin volunteering on Comstock’s campaign. I have gotten to work several events directly with the Congresswoman. She not only wants to help students learn how a campaign works, but incorporate them into her campaign as well. Through working with Comstock’s campaign, I have seen firsthand how much she cares about our district. I joined Comstock for the Apple Blossom Parade this year. Following the parade, I joined Comstock in a Sheriff’s vehicle. While we were riding back, there was a dispatch call, “suspected overdose, young male in their 20s.”  It was apparent how affected the Congresswoman was by this. Her heart sank as well as everyone else’s in the car. To combat this horrible epidemic, Comstock has gotten federal aid to combat the heroin epidemic. The House passed her amendment to increase funding for High Intensity Drug Trafficking Areas. She has co-sponsored numerous legislation to help young babies affected by heroin abuse and allowing for first responders to have access to overdose reversing drugs, like Narcan. She supported the bipartisan Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act, which was signed into law this year.

Additionally through working on Comstock’s campaign, I have seen how active she is across our district. Each day she is in multiple places, spanning from Great Falls to Winchester. She also goes out canvassing with volunteers many times to meet and speak with voters directly. Comstock is going to continue listening to our district and not Washington in Congress unlike her opponent, who once tweeted “Exciting to see @HillaryClinton & @BernieSanders unify our party. Now it’s time to give her a Congress that works for her!” Barbara Comstock will not work for anyone, but her constituents. I support Barbara Comstock because she has proven through her work that she is going to serve the people in Congress, not political interests.

LuAnn Bennett

By  Luke Rangel


I’ll start off this masterpiece of an article by disclosing that politically I lean a little closer to the Democratic party than the Republican party. After all the countless minutes doing research on this election, I have come to the conclusion that if I was 18, I would vote for LuAnn Bennett.

Barbara Comstock, a Republican, has had a seat in Congress ever since 2014, when she beat her opponent John Foust. This year she is running again to get re-elected to represent Virginia’s 10th District in Northern Virginia. Her opponent this time around is Democrat LuAnn Bennett. Mrs. Bennett was a real estate agent who operated her own small business.

I choose LuAnn Bennett because, for the most part, I agree with her views and because I think it would be nice for a change. Even though Barbara Comstock has more experience, I can’t go with her for multiple reasons. First off (and I know this is incredibly irrelevant), she was involved in the George W. Bush campaign back in 2000.

Second, throughout her career, Mrs. Comstock has aggressively voted to outlaw all abortions and tried to close/defund planned parenthood in the State of Virginia. I can understand why someone is against abortions, but her actions were a little overboard. Third and lastly, I don’t like or understand her views on who she will vote for in the presidential campaign this fall.

Like most Republicans, she is anti-Clinton, but she doesn’t want Trump to be the nominee. That leaves her at a confusing crossroad in terms of who she’s going to vote for. She doesn’t want Trump yet she is probably going to vote for him. I don’t like that type of quality in a leader.

LuAnn Bennett is endorsed by countless trustworthy sources including President Obama. Mrs. Bennett believes in taxing the upper class and wants to cut taxes for the middle class. I support her because she is also for education, pro life and is against Donald Trump.