Outdoor safety (insects, camping, etc)

It can be a total blast to spend time outdoors during the summer. Activities range from fishing to hiking to even camping. However here are a few tips to be safe outdoors.

The biggest tip for outdoor safety is to always travel with at least one other person. In case something ever goes wrong, you always have a companion that has your back. Plus it’s twice the fun if someone else is with you outdoors.

Sunscreen and bug repellent are also a necessity. Sunscreen can prevent skin burns and even skin cancer. Bug repellent blocks annoying insects like mosquitoes and yellow jackets. While you’re at it, always travel with a first aid kit just in case.
Last tip is to be always aware of the weather. You need to know if the day is calling for thunderstorms or if it’s calling for deadly heat waves. By being prepared for the weather it helps an individual dress appropriately and bring the right materials.

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Luke Rangel
Luke is a junior at Millbrook. Luke enjoy's listening to awful music, "playing" the guitar and what's the point of being in a punk rock band without your best friend?