Attacks Shake France

Tragedy struck France on Friday night as a total of six coordinated and deadly terrorist attacks were unleashed onto the city of Paris, leaving over…

Express Yourself

Sky Notter loves to sing and help out anyone in need, as well as small animals. However, her fashion is something Sky uses to express herself….

Future Rams

Lauren Reed is a Millbrook senior who signed with Shepherd University’s Basketball team today. Basketball has been a key part of her life for as…

Millbrook vs Handley

FINAL: 56-0 Millbrook   On Friday, October 30th Millbrook faced Handley at their last home football game of the season. Millbrook started off strong with…

St. BALDrick’s Foundation

On Friday, November 6th in Millbrook’s auditorium, Alan Cortez, Elijah Doyle, Elyk Amick, Alex Hicks, Madelyn Shores, Nick Orndoff, Ryan Kim, Kyle Keenan, Nathan Wiens,…

Veterans Day Program

The Veterans Day Program will be held on Tuesday, November 10th at Millbrook High School. The doors will be open for Veterans at 8:15 to…