Physics Phun Phriday: Six Flags

The entrance of Six Flags greeting physics students.

On Friday, April 22, Dr. Nambiar’s students had the opportunity to go to Six Flags. The amusement park sponsored a “physics day” where only physics students were allowed in. There were stations all around, where students learned and calculated the concepts used on each ride.

There were many students at the park, most being from high schools. This event allowed for kids from around the area to discuss and learn more about physics. Dr. Nambiar split her students into groups of about five, but allowed for them to freely mix and travel how they wanted.

The objective was to complete a few worksheets, which required students to use many different physics concepts. They had to find the height of different sections of roller coasters using the shadow method and triangle equations. Using the height found and information gathered at the various stations, students were tasked to find the velocity, acceleration, and other quantities using equations learned throughout the year.

The trip served as a review for previous concepts learned in the beginning of the year. Not only was it a review, but it was a very fun experience. “It was really fun,” said Elyk Amick, a student of Dr. Nambiar. He later explained it was cool to learn how and why these different rides work.