Physics Pi Day Palooza

The delicious pi and cookies the class had.

March 14th marks a marvelous day for math enthusiasts. Commonly known as Pi (3.14)  day, this date is also Albert Einstein’s birthday. Every student was asked over the weekend to research Einstein and come back with one major contribution he made to physics.

Dr. Nambiar teaching her Physics class about Einstein.

Dr. Nambiar teaching her Physics class about Einstein.

After everyone went through their facts, Dr. Nambiar taught an in depth lesson on Einstein. She talked about four major theories he made including the photoelectric theory, special theory, general theory, and unified theory.

The photoelectric theory would lead to a concept called Quantum Physics. Nambiar explained how because of Einstein’s theory he literally created a whole new branch of physics. The special theory is the most commonly known where E = mc^2, the equation that many people relate to the brilliance of Einstein. The general theory is all about gravity and how its waves work. The unified theory was never finished by Einstein. The logic behind this theory, was that everything in the universe was connected.

When Einstein failed to finish it, the idea was dropped by scientists until recently. Now the theory that finished Einstein’s is known as the string theory. After this lesson students had pie to celebrate the day and measured its circumference and diameter to test the validity of pi’s number. By dividing the circumference and diameter of the pie they were able to get the number pi.