Pokémon: Moon Review

Pokémon: Moon Review

Pokémon: Sun and Moon came out on November 18 hitting record sales for Nintendo and the numbers are expected to rise with Christmas coming. This is a

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Pokémon: Sun and Moon came out on November 18 hitting record sales for Nintendo and the numbers are expected to rise with Christmas coming. This is a review for Pokémon: Moon and although the games are very similar, they do have some slight differences so anything said in this article may not relate to Pokémon: Sun. The game was absolutely wonderful. It was vastly different from other Pokémon games and felt like a new story, but still gave players the nostalgia from the game they love.

The graphics for the game exceed any Pokémon game of the past making the Pokémon look even cuter and battling more fun. Everything looks so breathtaking and players really get to appreciate the beautiful designs of the Pokémon.

There were tons of new features with the new games: the Poké Plago, the Rotom Dex, the Poké Finder, and the Poké Refresh, to name a few. The Poké Plago is a series of islands that the Pokémon players place in their PC where they can hang out at; players can send Pokémon to collect items, grow berries, level up stats or relax. Wild Pokémon also visit the Pokémon and players can get beans to speed up the things that happen in the Poké Plago and feed to their Pokémon in the Poké Refresh. The Poké Refresh is an updated version of the Poké Anime with the added addition of caring for Pokémon after battle.

The Rotom Dex is a Pokédex with the Pokémon Rotom inside it. It stays on the touch screen of the Players DS displaying the town map, reminding players of their goals, and showing them where to go. The Rotom Dex doubles as the Poké Finder where players can take pictures of wild Pokémon at certain places in the game.

While fans were initially worried about the trials, they seem to be just like gym battle but slightly more interactive. Some of them are a bit tougher than a regular gym but they are still all fun and as much of a challenge as others. There are also more trials and some are slightly tougher than the traditional gym battle.

It also feels like there is less grinding (when players stay in the same area to level up) than in previous games. Normally in Pokémon games there is excessive amounts of grinding and Nintendo has fixed this by either changing Experience Share (a feature that allows all Pokémon in a player’s party to gain experience without having to battle), changing the amount of experience gained from each Pokémon, or changing the amount needed to level up.

The majority of previous games had small plots but focused mainly on the gameplay; Pokémon Sun and Moon focused heavily on the story and it was beautiful. Plot twists, character development, and a variety of lovely characters is not something Poképlayers are used to. Nintendo has done a fantastic job writing a great story to go along with their great game.

Pokémon: Sun and Moon are definitely worth playing whether you’re new to Pokémon, you’re in it for the trend, or you’ve played every single Pokémon game since the dawn of time (in which case, you’ve probably already played it). It would make a great present for any long time Pokémon fan with a 3DS and personally, I think it is one of the best Pokémon games out there.