Powderpuff 2016: Juniors Win Against Seniors

At the 9th annual Powderpuff Football Game, the juniors won against the seniors. Ms. Hartman said that she believes the junior class has won so many games in recent years because of how all the athletes seem to be in that class.

img_5170The junior and senior class fought hard at Powderpuff this year, aided by the student coaches. The juniors quickly rose to the occasion and kept their spirits up using their motto: “Break necks, cash checks.” The seniors, according to the coaches, lacked “containment” and were not able to catch up to the younger girls. The game ended with the junior girls winning 26-13.

img_5150Despite their small number, the Powderpuff cheerleaders dazzled the crowds as they always do. They performed during halftime on the October 19 game and during the Homecoming Pep Rally on October 20.

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