Putting a Dent in the Competition

The students at the Auto Body Repair competition.

Tyler Russell and Courtney Welsh recently competed in an auto body repair competition at Dowell J. Howard. They were given a fender with two huge dents in it and were told to repair it using different methods. In one of the dents they were just given a hammer and dolly, but with the other dent they had to use body filler to mold and reshape the dent as closely as they could.

According to Tyler it was easier using the hammer and dolly than the body filler since the molding had to be precise. After repairing the fenders they had a welding part of the competition where the students had to weld different pieces together. Both Tyler and Courtney did really well in their competitions. Tyler was “excited to get third place,” while Courtney got first and will be moving on to the next competition in auto body repair.