Puzzle Solvers


Jared (left) and Matthew (right) show off some of their favorite cubes.

Jared can solve a 3×3 in 61 seconds and Matthew can solve one in 28 seconds. They practice in their spare time, as it’s a hobby they both enjoy.

This dynamic duo has a collection of over 15 Rubik’s Cubes consisting of a mirror cube, crazy ulang, and a 3×3. The more sides and colors the cube has, the harder it is to solve. However there aren’t many of the puzzles these two can’t complete.

When asked what fascinates them about this hobby, there was just too much to tell. “It’s neat because it doesn’t get more difficult, it just gets larger scale. And you can apply the same method you use for one Cube to all the rest of them. My favorite part is that they keep making different ones,” stated Matthew.

Jared added, “I think it’s really cool that you can use a bunch of different techniques on different shapes and that it never gets old.”

The boys hope to go to National Championships one day to compete against others and showcase their skills.