Ready for Regionals

The 24th of September marked an iconic day for Millbrook senior, Ryan McCarty. He won the golf conference and will be going to regionals. He could not be more excited or taken by surprise, as his accomplishment was more than he could have imagined.

Yesterday, before the beginning of the golf tournament, Ryan was very nervous and got off to a rough start. Throughout the day, his chances got more slim by the stroke. By the last hole, all confidence was lost and Ryan assured himself this would be the last high school golf tournament he would ever play in.

As the scores rolled in, he saw his and knew he was going to playoffs. With a score of 84, Ryan went into playoffs with a new mindset. With the fate of his future high school golf career in the balance, Ryan came up to the second hole of playoffs, shaking with apprehension. He knew from his hit right off the tee it was a bad shot. Disappointed and seeing hope in the eyes of his competitors, he moved on. His competitor in front of him hit a bad shot and boosted his confidence. Ryan went into the hole knowing he had it and proceeded to hit an unbelievable shot.

The crowd roared behind him with excitement and powerful golf claps. As Ryan said, “I had a ton of support after that shot because it took everyone by surprise.” Once he finished the hole, he knew he had his advancement to regionals in the near future. With the commotion all around him, all he knew was that he needed to move on with the same attitude and he would have it all in the bag for the rest of the season.