Retro Review: Weezer

“The Blue Album” is one of the best debut albums of any band of all time. It’s the band Weezer’s first studio album. Weezer formed out of Los Angeles in 1992 and released “The Blue Album” in 1994.

The album consists of ten songs. This is one of my favorite albums because every song on this album is amazing and better than the one before it. Most of the songs are upbeat and fun like “Buddy Holly” and “The Sweater Song”. However, there are a few sadder more emotional songs that are equally as good like “Say it Ain’t So” and “In The Garage”.  

Overall, this album is everything an album should be. It’s filled with fantastic melodies and riffs. It sort of sounds like if the Beach Boys meet Green Day. “The Blue Album’” is even considered one of the greatest albums from the 90s.   

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Luke Rangel
Luke is a junior at Millbrook. Luke enjoy's listening to awful music, "playing" the guitar and what's the point of being in a punk rock band without your best friend?