Rick and Morty Review

Do you love having existential crises, weird aliens, and plots that span over several alternate realities? Then this is the show for you!

Rick and Morty is an animated series which features a genius grandfather Rick and his squeaky grandson Morty. Kind of like a less family friendly Doctor Who. They go on a bunch of misadventures throughout space and they show that the universe is a somewhat random place. A lot of silly or dangerous things can happen in one 22 minute long episode. There are two seasons made up of ten episodes currently available to watch at the time this article is being written. Season 3 is still in the works as of now, and actually premiered on April 1. Fans of the show had been waiting desperately since the cliffhanger and were very surprised at the release. Does this show live up to the hype?

Entertainment Factor:

Rick and Morty has such an interesting sense of humor. One second they could be talking about the many worlds theory and the next second they could make some crass joke. There’s also almost a feeling shared by (most of) the characters and the audience of being puny. This is due to the fact that there are so many alternate timelines, distant worlds, and awesome creatures.The voice actors are able to carry the jokes extremely well. Especially Justin Roiland who voices both of the title characters and also co-created the show. Justin’s ability to hide his signature high pitched voice as Rick and replace it with a more gravelly sound is fantastic. Also his comedic skills are absolutely wonderful. Oddly enough this sci-fi comedy also handles seriousness extremely well. There are little moments between Morty’s mother, Beth, and his father, Jerry, that are absolutely heart breaking. In the show, the marriage between the pair is seemingly failing, but there are moments when Jerry and Beth reconnect. Also, Rick is a complicated character who can make the audience have a giggle fit for twenty minutes, but also can feel more pain than he lets on. This creates a dynamic show with beautiful moments that bring so much humanity to these silly doodles and snarky characters. The animation is smooth, and the line work mimics the original short, by Justin Roiland, that the show was based on. In fact, that short is based off Back to the Future.




It’s extremely difficult to explain the entirety of the story, due to a lot of the episodes being extremely exclusive to the episode story-wise.You just need to watch it, because it’s a little unpredictable and totally not what you think. The whole premise is that Morty, a socially awkward fifteen year old, goes on bizarre adventures with his jaded grandpa, Rick. It also follows the adventures of Jerry, Beth, and Morty’s sister, Summer. Other family members can accompany Rick, other than Morty. Rick is a mad scientist who travels across the universe, and in the eyes of the Galactic Federation, is a menace. At the end of season 2, Rick turns himself into the space government. At the end of the final episode Rick gets stuck in Intergalactic jail, and this idea was executed so well that the fanbase had a difficult time waiting for the continuation of the plot. The newest episode contains Rick breaking out of Jail and dismantling the Galactic Federation in the most creative way possible.


  • Witty humor and potty jokes combined.
  • Fantastic acting.
  • Fluid animation.
  • Super cool aliens.
  • Handles deep material well.
  • Makes fun of main characters instead of real people.
  • Likeable and flawed characters.
  • Great writing!
  • Actors ad-lib a lot.


  • N/A

Final Score: 10/10 Mulan Szechuan Chicken Sauces.

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