Roller Coaster Project

Dr. Nambiar is a physics teacher at Millbrook. Every year, she has her students work on a project where they are supposed to construct a roller coaster. Dr. Nambiar has been doing this project for the past five years, however, this is the second year where the students are only allowed to use paper and tape. No other supplies are allowed to be used. The point of this project is to demonstrate the laws of physics and how momentum is preserved throughout the roller coaster. The students have a total of three and a half weeks to construct and test their roller coasters. According to Dr. Nambiar, “My students tend to enjoy this project very much.” Student Alan Cortez had this to say about the assignment “ The project was pretty difficult, but I enjoyed the challenge.”

About the Author

Dylan Boyer
Dylan is a junior and this is his first year apart of the BlueXpress staff. He enjoys skateboarding and playing drums.