SAT Tips & Tricks

The SATs are coming soon, here are a few tips to give you peace of mind.

With SATs just around the corner, students can be found anxiously prepare for the standardized test in any way they can. Whether it be the PSAT or an SAT class, there are many ways in which one can ready themselves, but here are a few more tips and tricks that may help before and during your upcoming test.

  1. You don’t have to answer every question: The SAT is scored by every correct answer earning you one point, an unmarked answer earning you zero points, and an incorrect answer causes you to lose a quarter (¼) of a point. Therefore, if you have absolutely no clue on a certain question, don’t worry too much if you leave it blank, it’ll be better than incorrectly guessing on it.
  2. There are a plethora of SAT practice tests and games: The Internet is your friend, people. A simple search on Google or Yahoo will show you unlimited resources and websites that have different ways to study. From fun games to actual timed practice tests, it never hurts to have extra help. Blogs such as this one give helpful lists of websites that will benefit students.
  3. Prepare the night before the test: Make sure you aren’t scrambling around the day of the test in desperate search of a calculator. Set out all the necessary supplies you need, which would be your admissions ticket, a photo I.D., #2 pencils and a calculator.
  4. Keep your cool: It’s okay if you don’t understand every single question on the test. Skip it and come back to it, and if you leave a few unanswered just remember that doesn’t count against you. A positive and confident attitude will do wonders when walking into the testing room.
  5. Take your time: The main purpose of the SAT is to get students to think critically. Therefore, much of the test is attempting to trick students who rush through the tests and not give each question a decent amount of time. However, this does not mean that you should stay on a question for very long, as each section is timed. So, like Goldilocks, your time on each question needs to be just right.
  6. Prepare your body just as you prepare your mind: Although many think that there’s no such thing as over-studying, it’s real and it can happen. Don’t stay locked in your room, stressing and memorizing every little detail. Go out, get some fresh air, grab some coffee or go on a run.
  7. Use every second you’re given: If you finish early, don’t just sit back and relax. You should always double check yourself. Perhaps you bubbled in a wrong option, or maybe you could go back to a couple questions you skipped. Regardless, every second counts.