Season of Giving: Millbrook Fundraisers

December has finally come, the month of giving, no matter what holiday you celebrate. Millbrook is in full swing, with several clubs and organizations doing their part to raise donations for their chosen charity.

According to Ms. Keeler, the DECA Timbrook Toy and Food Drive, which ended on Friday, December 9, was “very successful” this year. She said that the success of the fundraiser was due to NHS’s involvement. The drive was the only major charity fundraiser for DECA this year, and they are now working on producing the January school assembly, which will be called “#BeAmazing.”

Mr. Pendleton’s Key Club is also organizing their own food drive this year. “We all thought that food drives are good, but they can be, you know, boring,” Mr. Pendleton, who also helped the three Junior boys organize the Timbrook Toy and Food Drive, said. “We’ve been doing them forever, and that’s not a negative thing, but [the students] had the idea of ‘why don’t we make real meals?’” The goal of the fundraiser is to collect thirty meals, which consist of one meat–such as turkey or chicken–two sides and one dessert. Key Club is still accepting donations through the end of this week, which can be deposited in the movie-themed decorated boxes found in Mr. Pendleton’s room.

“I’ve always thought that if you just go to school, you go to class, and then you go home, and then you go to school, you go to class, you go home, then you’re not really enlightening anything, you’re not growing as a student,” Mr. Pendleton said. “So, [the fundraiser] helps me help the kids find something just a little bit bigger than the four walls in the classroom.”

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