Shirley Chisholm and Eatonville, Florida

Shirley Chisholm became the very first African American to be elected into Congress. She began her career as a teacher and she served as director in a child care unit until the late 1950’s. Then she was a educational consultant for New York’s Bureau of Child Welfare. She had worked on the Education and Labor Committee and had helped form the Black Caucus. During 1972, she was targeted, but assassination attempts. After she retired, she was a teacher and public speaker.     

Eatonville, Florida was the first town to incorporate Black Municipality in America. It is a unique and diverse town. The town has the highest levels of fiber optics in the region. The “Town That Freedom Built” is what the town is referred to. When people tour the amusement parks, they always stop by. It’s a small town with big cultural history that is working on making the town a historic community in a high-tech environment.

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